Photo via The Blonde Abroad.

Shop local online with inRegister-approved picks for Mardi Gras

In the cut-throat world of Baton Rouge boutiques, vigilant scouring of local stores’ Instagram pages is absolutely necessary. With the ability to buy online or over the phone, the best finds at each boutique go quickly, and if you aren’t on top of your game, you are sure to miss out. Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and in addition to ball gowns, boutiques are also stocking up on parade-going essentials. To help in your quest for the perfect balance of comfort and fashion, we rounded up some of our favorite recent posts from stores across the city. To shop, comment on the post, call the store, or stop in–but make sure to do so sooner rather than later.

Between catching beads and holding drinks, a hands-free purse option is ideal. This clear version is perfect for not only the rain that is predicted to be coming our way, but also for balls that have strict safety regulations.

We’re doing even more preparations for the rainy weekend to come with this tri-colored rain coat. Not only does it protect from the rain, but it doesn’t cover a cute outfit. Rather, it completes one.

The ideal sweater weight and a retro vibe, this top is an easy throw-on with jeans, leggings or even a skirt. If you’re not a sparkle person, this sweater can also be ordered without the added embellishment.

The ultimate Mardi Gras staple. If you don’t have one these, trust us, it’s worth the splurge. While Perlis does sell a women’s dress version, our advice is to opt for the men’s and pair it with jeans or leggings for an extra-comfy look for all day.

A festive touch to any outfit, this headband is perfect solution for keeping your hair in check during long days outside.

Pin on a jean jacket or purse for instant outfit elevation. Bonus: this dainty embellishment can be kept on throughout the year as a fond reminder of everyone’s favorite holiday.

These earrings are the perfect addition to take you from parades during the day to balls at night.

Sweet Baton Rouge, formerly Southern Football Tees, offers more options in Mardi Gras and Louisiana-themed shirts than we thought were possible. Check out the brand’s website for a full selection.

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