NK Boutique owner Anna Katherine Gladden and Vibrant Market founder Lauren Trostorff. Photos courtesy NK Boutique.

A new partnership aims to make NK Boutique a one-stop shop

Step inside NK Boutique’s Corporate Boulevard location and you may notice that Vibrant Market, the New Orleans-based clean beauty and wellness brand, has put down some new retail roots in the Capital City. Among racks of dresses, shoes and accessories, bottles of body scrub, face wash and more now occupy shelves, offering customers the opportunity to beautify themselves inside and out. Think of the products as the finishing touch to any style.

When Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans in late August, Vibrant Market founder Lauren Trostorff decided to bring her brand to NK Boutique as a pop-up shop. “We had a lot of clients in Baton Rouge already and felt that there was a huge need for cleaner and more effective products in Baton Rouge,” says Trostorff. After the success of the pop-up, Trostorff and NK Boutique owner Anna Katherine Gladden agreed to make it a permanent addition. 

“At the Corporate location, you’ll find a curated selection of our best sellers for different skin types, plus body care and hair care, and a few of our best-selling supplements like our top-quality CBD, gut health and beauty supplements,” says Trostorff, whose products include offerings from brands like Osea, Augustinus Bader, One Love, Agent Nateur, Mukti, Holifrog, Joshua Rosebrook, Maya Chia, Shiva, Alitura, Mara and more.

From Trostorff’s recommendations of the One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover to the Maya Chia Super Couple, Ultra Luxe Face Oil Serum, each product aims to bring natural ingredients back into basic self-care practices, something that can be more difficult than you’d think. Since no new laws have been passed in the United States since 1938 about what can be included in personal care products, products don’t always need FDA approval and, unfortunately, many aren’t tested for safety in human use. With the new lineup in NK Boutique—which Trostorff says she personally tests before selling to customers—people who struggle with autoimmune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or other related health concerns can still feel confident about skincare.

“What you put on your body, you’re putting in your body,” says Trostorff.

Clean beauty isn’t the only change at the store, though. NK Boutique has recently embarked on its second generation of family ownership, with Anna Katherine Gladden recently taking the helm and adding a special line of gift products in time for the holidays.

“I’m always trying to serve our customers better, whether that be through personal style sessions, home deliveries or reworking your closet,” says Gladden. “My goal was to give our customers everything they could ever need in one place, which is why we added a gift section and the Vibrant Market. Now, when you have a dinner party, you can get your whole outfit from head to toe, clean beauty products, and a hostess gift, whether that’s candles, pajamas, toiletry bags or cocktail napkins—and there’s so much more on the way.”