Photos courtesy Louie Love

10 questions with jewelry and gift boutique Louie Love

The pandemic pushed many of us to pursue a creative hobby, but makeup artist Kalie Montz, owner of Louie Love, turned her downtime into a business. Her new jewelry and gift boutique offers bold designs, local flair and lots of glitter.

Read on to learn more about the brand from Montz herself.

Kalie Montz

1. When did you start Louie Love? What’s the origin story? 

In early 2020, I was looking for a new creative outlet, as many of us were at that time. I started out at pop-up markets selling earrings and a few festive accessories as a hobby, but I immediately realized other people appreciated bold, trendy statement earrings as much as I did.

Louie Love officially launched as an online boutique in July 2021, selling directly to customers. I quickly evolved to also designing “brand-exclusive” earrings and began selling to boutiques across the Gulf Coast.

2. What inspired you to start selling and designing earrings?

My over-the-top obsessions for fashionable accessories and statement earrings made it an easy industry to become a part of. My creative mind helps me imagine the fun things I can make into earrings.

3. What are your favorite styles to design and work with?

I love the design process of the custom beaded earrings. These typically start off as rough sketches in a notebook. The messy drawings eventually evolve into hand-beaded and assembled earrings. I also very much enjoy creating acrylic, cut-out earrings. I have a laser machine that allows me to personally cut anything I design.

4. Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I am no stranger to getting inspired by random things I spot in the world. Many of my designs pay tribute to Louisiana, Southern traditions, special occasions and holidays.

5. What are your best-selling pieces right now?

At the moment, anything and everything gameday. My purple and gold paw print earrings continue to be a top seller.

Louie Love’s “Purple and Gold Paw Earrings” available online. Photo courtesy Kalie Montz.

6. How would you describe your personal (and the brand’s) style?

My favorite color is pink—plus anything covered in glitter and sequins. This shows through in the brand and styles I offer. Jokingly, I’ve always considered my style to be similar to a little kid who got to dress themselves that day, but that just means that my outfits usually consist of bold colors, loud prints and mismatching textures. I am a firm believer in each day being an opportunity to play dress up.

7. What does a typical work day look like for you?

Typically, my day consists of laser cutting earrings and/or designing new styles. Throughout the day, you can find me assembling earrings or packaging orders at my studio.

My favorite part of the day is when I get to connect and collaborate with customers and boutiques.

8. What’s something you want people to know about Louie Love that they might not know already?

At first glance, Louie Love seems to be an extremely small online boutique. In actuality, the online store is a small portion of the business. A large portion of my focus is the ever-growing boutique partnerships. Currently, Louie Love products can be found in 50 boutiques across seven states.

9. Anything exciting coming up next for Louie Love?

Expansion into more boutiques, which is exciting for me since I’ll get to give customers more access to see products in person. I am also excited to launch the new seasonal earrings, which include Halloween and Christmas designs.

10. Where can customers find your designs?

Customers can shop online at Louie Love products can also be found in person at my design studio/mini boutique located inside MERA Salon Suites in Gonzales. Additionally, the brand is best known locally for having a huge spread of earrings at Hey Penelope on Jefferson Highway.