Photos courtesy La Sessionistas

What’s the story behind La Sessionistas, the Instagram account documenting style at the Capitol?

A punchy fuchsia power suit. A cherry red jumpsuit. Blazers patterned with florals or leopard print. No, these aren’t lewks from the latest runway show. This is a glimpse of this spring’s busy legislative session—from a purely sartorial perspective.

A local Instagram account makes the case that the Louisiana State Capitol building is home to more than storied Louisiana lore, panoramic views of downtown and yes, sometimes, soul-sucking legislative sessions. The La Sessionista page is dedicated to the creativity and color that filters in and out of the building each day.

The account has been around in some form since 2018, returning each spring to document ‘fits spotted during the legislative session. Early posts captured a red-striped dress with pointy tomato-colored boots; a sleek snakeskin-printed set; a studded white jacket; and rubber yellow clogs patterned with a Corona beer logo. And as the years have passed, the fashion has fluctuated, too.

The account is anonymously run—the person behind it would only reveal to 225 that they are a local lobbyist—and the identities of the people featured on the page are kept secret, too. Faces are cropped out so that the images center only on the outfits. Some photos showcase nothing more than a pair of leather loafers, funky boots or patterned socks. The shots are taken discreetly, too, captured with a phone and sometimes zoomed in from across the room.

Those featured in the images are not necessarily all lawmakers or Capitol staff, either. A woman wearing a boldly patterned black-and-white balloon jumpsuit was simply in the building hoping to catch a conversation with a legislator. Other snapshots depict regular visitors to the building.

The La Sessionista page also fields user-generated content, resharing photos that are sent by DM. The page confirmed that about 50% of the snaps from the current legislative session were submissions. It’s one way the account, which is now approaching 2,000 followers, keeps its audience engaged.

And the content does get people talking.

“Missed this account so much,” one Instagram follower commented on the first post from this spring. Recent discourse about the outfits has ranged from observations like, “An extra (point) for the magenta lining in his suit,” to more exuberant compliments like, “The skinny leg with the slingback, hunny!!”

The account was even featured in a skit at The Capital Correspondents Association’s annual Gridiron Show.

Ultimately, the page is an ode to how fashion bends the rules about gender and identity—and allows us all to feel and look our best, regardless of how stuffy or serious the occasion might be.

One photo caption says it best: “Business on the legs, party on the feet.” Follow it on Instagram at @la_sessionistas.

This article originally appeared in 225 magazine’s 225 Daily newsletter.