Photo by Isabella Eberts Trevillion

Katherine Patrick is giving fashion advice and industry insights to listeners of her podcast

At age 23, Katherine Patrick found herself in Central Park watching the photoshoot she had planned for Dallas-based couture fashion house Nardos come to life. “Pictures from that shoot were later featured in Vogue,” she recalls. “I’ll never forget thinking, ‘Wow.’”

Patrick has always loved fashion, and her pursuit of a career in the industry has already led her in many directions. However, it was one day while listening to How I Built This podcast host Guy Raz interview Spanx creator Sara Blakely that Patrick noticed an unfilled niche in the fashion podcast space.

“I thought about how much I would love to hear about how designers, entrepreneurs, influencers and more got their start in the industry,” Patrick says. “Most fashion podcasts are either editors of Vogue strictly talking about couture shows, fashion historians who can get boring or pop culture-based fashion that only focuses on celebrities.”

Launching her podcast Vitamin F in March 2023, Patrick is working to bring the type of content she was longing for by covering everything from styling tips and tricks to red carpet looks to trending pieces. In her first season, Patrick had the opportunity to interview Lizzie Duplantis and Sarah Means, the sisters who started Texas-based cowboy boot brand Miron Crosby. And, in season two, Patrick promises even more interviews that give her listeners an inside look at the fashion industry and where it’s headed.

“I feel so lucky, especially because I went out on a limb by starting this podcast,” Patrick says. “It can be very scary putting yourself out there like that. But I’m very proud of where I’m at and where the podcast is heading.”

Read her advice below for building a wardrobe that suits you, and tune into Vitamin F on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Use the three-word method. Pick three words you want your style to exude so you can have consistency in your everyday looks and feel more confident in your style. For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker’s three words might be eclectic, bold and edgy, while Kate Middleton’s might be classy, timeless and elegant. This is the ultimate secret to mastering personal style.

Play around with wrong accessory theory. If your looks are feeling a little too boring or too perfect, pick the wrong accessory. For example, if you’re wearing an oversized, menswear-inspired outfit with a blazer, trouser and top, instead of finishing it off with a large tote, switch it for a structured mini bag. Opting for the unexpected keeps things more interesting and fun.

Try the wrong shoe theory, too. If you’re wearing a blue and white dress, what color shoe would you usually gravitate towards? Next time, try pairing it with a pair of athletic sneakers or a different colored sandal. The best part about this tip is you don’t have to buy anything new. It’s all about using your wardrobe in a new way.

Let your clothes look lived in. When a look is too perfect, it can seem like you picked the outfit right from a mannequin, taking the creative, styling fun out of it. Don’t stress if your front tuck isn’t perfect or if your linen keeps wrinkling throughout the day. It adds personality to a look and gives it individuality.

Build a consistent jewelry story. Having a set of go-to pieces takes the guessing game out of this portion of styling and makes accessorizing a breeze. Of course, you can switch it up for special occasions. But this tip helps to elevate your everyday looks.

Get inspired. If you feel tired of the clothes in your closet, most of the time it’s not your clothes, it’s how you keep styling them. Head to Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram and search the accounts of your favorite fashionistas. Recreate some of your favorite looks from their pages and let their celebrity stylists do the styling for you.