Photo by Shaye Babb Photography

In the bag: Local fashion blogger’s high-style collaboration

During New York Fashion Week 2014, blogger Jennifer Palpallatoc Perrault of Haute Off the Rack got her moment. Like a scene from a movie, Perrault, a guest at the factory of leather handbag and accessory brand GiGi New York, became a designer on the spot when she spoke out and offered up the idea of debuting a bucket bag for the upcoming fall.

“They were discussing releasing something for the following spring,” explains Perrault, who started her blog two years prior while in college at LSU. “The style was so big at that time that I insisted it needed to come out in the fall.”

The “Jenn” bucket bag was released just a few months later in a special, limited-edition run. But, after three best-selling seasons, Perrault’s work with the company was far from over.

In the five years since, Perrault’s collaborations have followed her life’s milestones, allowing her to connect not only with her online followers, but with women everywhere who bring her designs into their everyday lives.

“Since I’m only five feet tall, I think a lot about size and if things are functional and adjustable,” says Perrault, who first presents a rough sketch to the brand, which lists dimensions, as well as pockets and other elements. “I want the bags to work for everyone.”

From a special wedding collection corresponding with her own nuptials to the debut of her newest creation, the “Genevieve” bucket bag, a miniature version of her original design, Perrault has married her online presence with quality pieces that speak to her individual style, and its wider appeal.

“I want to present things that people actually want to wear, not just things they admire,” she explains. “My followers even chose the name of the mini bucket bag. I’m grateful every day that people connect with me and let me be a part of their lives.”

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