McCall Matt, Claire Gautreaux and Camille Ferachi. Photos by Sean Gasser.

Hats off: The trucker trend is back in the hands of three high school seniors

First popularized by 2000s style icons like Paris Hilton, trucker hats are once again the latest fashion fad. Spins on the wide-brim, foam-front style are showing up everywhere from celeb snapshots to local stores. While many see trucker hats as just another throwback accessory to make a comeback this year, three high school students see endless possibility.

St. Joseph’s Academy seniors Claire Gautreaux, Camille Ferachi and McCall Matt saw the trend as an opportunity to start their own business and decided to throw their hat in the ring. The three friends created Truckerz, a customizable trucker hat brand.

“It all started when we were sitting together during lunch at school,” recalls Gautreaux. “While discussing options for summer jobs, we had the idea to start our own business. We personally loved the trucker hat trend and thought it would be a great opportunity to create something people would really want.”

The trio launched Truckerz on Instagram in February. Customizable with fun patches of smiley faces, rainbows and lighting bolts, their brightly colored hats quickly gained popularity among their high school peers.

Gautreaux explains that Truckerz really took off right before spring break, when they began offering hats to friends. Soon enough, everyone from school was sporting a Truckerz hat on the beach. What began as a small-scale operation became a full-blown business.

Fulfilling group orders of matching hats for family vacations to bachelorette parties, Truckerz has now sold more than 700 hats. The brand has expanded its client base to include adults and teenagers alike, even attracting customers from other states. 


A new website offers a selection of best sellers and limited-edition collections, and Truckerz hats are available at pop-up shops at local boutiques like Hemline, Rodeo and Head Over Heels. Meanwhile, the three founders still manage all aspects of the business themselves. “The three of us do everything from marketing to production to delivering orders,” says Gautreaux.

Customers can expect a game day collection to drop soon, followed by different hat styles for winter. The teens are also developing a customization tool for their website, so shoppers can order perfectly personalized hats with a few clicks.

“From the beginning, Truckerz has been about our customers and giving them exactly what they want,” says Gautreaux. “We put in genuine time and effort to ensure we are giving our customers trends they want and hats they love.”