Photo by Kirk Chambers.

Haspel takes up residence in the Capital City with a holiday pop-up sale

Since becoming a state of the Union in 1812, Louisiana has produced more than a few of the household names we know today. One of these includes the Haspel brand that originated out of New Orleans in the early twentieth century. A staple of the South, the brand’s signature seersucker suits continue to thrive as warm-weather fashion statements all over the country. And while excessive boastfulness wouldn’t be in keeping with the gentlemanly Haspel style, a little nod toward Haspel’s Pop-Up Sale in Baton Rouge wouldn’t hurt.

The warehouse sale—which began on November 2—will carry into the holiday season, ending on Saturday, December 12. Open from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm near the Settlement at Willow Grove, the Haspel store features a vast collection to choose from, including men’s sport coats, suits and casual wear.


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“We did the pop-up shop because we’ve never really had our own retail space here in Baton Rouge,” says Haspel marketing manager Rob Abruzzino. “We’ve always worked through men’s specialty stores and things like that. The last couple years we’ve really taken the whole brand online, so this is just a great opportunity.”

In a year where nearly every aspect of life has gone digital, it’s refreshing to think of walking amongst tangible items that don’t require weeks or months of shipping and handling. But beyond the physical items, Haspel’s taking up residence in the Capital City is a nod to the desire for closeness that months of quarantine and social distancing has brought about. The clothes and their history in Louisiana provide a shared and familiar experience that shoppers can cherish this holiday season.

“The timing was perfect,” says Abruzzino. “We have a great selection of inventory right now, and making a connection to our hometown is so important to us. The brand technically began in New Orleans but it’s a Louisiana family-owned company, so it was just a neat way to connect with people here. We’ve got a good following in Baton Rouge.”

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