Photo by Collin Richie.

From ‘225’: Clothing stylist and designer Tiffany Hill shares her skin care advice

Tiffany Hill doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. She lets her skin do the talking. The California native’s sunkissed brown skin seems effortlessly radiant. But a flawless, glowing complexion didn’t happen overnight for the 27-year-old model, fashion designer and stylist. It’s something she prioritized by using natural products, committing to frequent self-care and eating intentionally.

Growing up, Hill learned about the internal and external benefits of a holistic lifestyle from her mother. After she began being more conscious of the food she ate and products she used, she started seeing improvements in her menstrual health and skin.

“Through your skin, you can tell what’s going on in your life,” Hill says.

Hill wears many hats. She has modeled clothing for local stores like Time Warp and The Hope Shop, offers wardrobe styling for fashion and creative photo shoots, and designs clothing and swimwear in her downtime. On Instagram, she shares high fashion-style photos and videos of her thoughtfully curated outfits and aesthetically pleasing skin care and makeup routines. From honey face masks to eyebrow lamination, 225 talked with Hill to find out about her go-to products and beauty regimen.

For the inside scoop on Hill’s skin care philosophy, morning routine, favorite products and more, keep on reading the story from 225.