Photo by Gabbie Barabino / Courtesy the Fashion Association at LSU

Check out fashion’s rising stars at LSU’s annual fashion show this weekend

Support young designers this weekend at the Fashion Association at LSU’s 16th Annual Fashion Show. It’s the association’s first show back in person since the pandemic.

Though this show takes place during the spring semester, Senior Show Chair and fashion merchandising student Riley Lawson says the prep for the show began way before the semester started. Lawson says she’s been with the Fashion Association for three years and is excited that this year’s show is not virtual.

“I think the aspect of bringing the show back in person and getting to see the very intricate details of the fabrics and the design aspects that you wouldn’t have normally seen through the cinematography of the videos of the shows previously will just level up the show and bring expectations higher for years.”

To plan this event, Lawson and her team began searching for sponsors, photographers and a venue. This year’s show will be held at the Capitol Park Museum and will be broken into three separate parts: senior design competition, junior design competition and a styling segment.

Though Lawson and her team have put in a lot of work to plan this event, she says none of it would be possible without the designers who have worked all semester creating cohesive looks with a story. The senior designers’ collections are inspired by a variety of subjects like bridal couture and even summer days on the boardwalk.

“Each of their steps such as drafting their patterns and creating and sewing their garments is judged not only throughout the course, but again at the show in order to determine the best in class,” Lawson explains.

Along with showcasing the work of young designers, the show will also feature the talent of student stylists who will create looks using pieces from local sponsor Time Warp. Though the show has no theme, the styling segment titled “A Night at the Met” will challenge participants to pick their favorite Met Gala theme to inspire their styling choices.

Lawson says though the show is a great opportunity to showcase the talents of student designers and stylists, it also gives them the opportunity to gain real world experience so that they’re ready to start a professional fashion career.

“Each of the designers, stylists and everyone involved is getting real world experience in the super competitive fashion industry,” she says. “An experience like this provides them the opportunity to see how intricate and involved it is to create a fashion show. They also get experience with deadlines, sourcing their own models and sponsors and navigating those processes for their brand postgrad.”

You can see all the original designs and stylings this Sunday, April 30, at the Capitol Park Museum. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here. Check out FALSU’s Instagram page to see more from student designers and to get more info before the show.

This story originally appeared in 225 magazine’s 225 Daily e-newsletter.