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Dress like a Duchess: Kate Middleton’s timeless royal style

From her iconic wedding dress to her casual mother-on-the-go looks, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge has the world enthralled every time she steps into the public eye. Instantly catapulted to the status of “fashion icon” upon the confirmation of her relationship with Prince William in the spring of 2004, Kate Middleton has come to embody a fresh new face for the royal family, one that seamlessly moves between relatable ensembles of jeans and boots to regal coats and hats. And while many have compared Kate’s fashion choices to those of the late Princess Diana, Kate has her own distinct look that not only pays homage to the past but paves the way to the future.

While maintaining the refined look that has come to characterize royal families all over the world, Kate has a decidedly wearable approach to the regal attire. Over the years, Kate has often been photographed repeating outfits or even wearing what is fondly referred to as “athleisure” clothing. With this approach to fashion, it is no mystery why Kate has captured the hearts (and closets) of so many around the world.

Wanting to emulate this outfit repeater’s best looks, we set our sights on local boutiques to find pieces that Kate would choose herself. By mixing classic pieces, such as a striped top or floral mini, with a few staples like nude pumps and ankle boots, we were able to create looks that combine fashion from both London and Baton Rouge.

“Kate actually wears brands that are sold here in Baton Rouge,” explains Aria boutique owner Bonnie Dial. “This blue floral mini dress is from the London-based brand Self Portrait that Kate has been photographed wearing several times.”

Below, we have compiled some Kate Middleton-inspired looks from boutiques across Baton Rouge. Click on the photos for a closer look at each item. For more from these boutiques, check out NK Boutique, Aria, Head Over Heels, Chatta Box Boutique, and Hemline.