Home to roost: Cottagecore picks inspired by the new must-have pet breed

When did chickens make the jump from the farm to the city? Better yet, why did they? Sure, they’re cute enough. But we would like to posit that the animals have become more than just pets; they’ve become status symbols. As silly as that sounds, stick with us. Owning a flock of chickens is the ultimate sign that you have it all together—heck, you have time to raise chickens! They are an outward signal of a dedication to the so-called “simple life,” even if you live smack in the middle of the city. We don’t mean to sound negative, though. We love the trend and aspire to house our own flocks come spring. In the meantime, we rounded up some cottagecore picks that exude the same romanticized rustic vibe as our feathered friends themselves.