Photos courtesy Taylor Jacobs

Costume closet finds with blogger Taylor Jacobs

Trying to find a unique and cost effective Halloween costume can sometimes be more tricky than treat. It never fails that Halloween stores fill their shelves with the same $50 costumes year after year, leaving many of us wondering what we need to do in order to stand out in a sea of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and witches. Luckily, local fashion blogger and influencer Taylor Jacobs, aka @gracefullytaylored, recently shared with us how she turns ordinary pieces from her closet into creative costumes, as well as two of the looks you might see on her Instagram this spooky season.

Growing up, one of Jacobs’ favorite parts of Halloween was all of the excitement surrounding transforming into a character from her favorite story or her favorite superhero. She says she always looked forward to it weeks or even months in advance. 

“I just loved it because for one night I could be someone else, running around my neighborhood asking strangers for candy–it was awesome,” explains Jacobs. “But as I have gotten older, I have learned to have a different kind of fun with Halloween.”

Once the inevitable happened and costumes became something that Jacobs’ wallet had to cover because #grownup, she started trying to make the most of what was already in her closet. She’s been known to pull out all of her gold necklaces and tie a scarf around her head to call herself a pirate, or pull out her best maxi skirt and florals to transform into a hippie.

Jacobs rely on not only her closet for inspiration but also on her makeup bag. Before even looking through her wardrobe, Jacobs researches and decides on a fun makeup theme, and then she turns to her clothes to complete the look. And don’t think you have to be a beauty guru to try your hand at costume makeup–Jacobs insists that experimenting and practicing the looks are all part of the fun. 

“There are two main reasons I love creating my own looks each Halloween that I think many people will like too: one, I save money on a costume that I will never wear again, and two, this challenges me to wear items in my closet in a completely different way.”

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