Our December color of the month is the cherry on top of holiday season

Photo courtesy Posh Boutique

Whether on a movie premiere carpet or the velvet ribbon of a Christmas gift, cherry red is having a moment right now. To make the most of this festive hue, we’ve named it as December’s color of the month and rounded up some local goodies bedecked in scarlet style.

We’re getting the month going by saying cheers to fun times with family and friends, and the drop of color in these Marem wine glasses will do just fine.

The color may stand out, but a casual look fits in anywhere, including a snuggly spot by the fireplace in this Christmas-themed tee from Hey, Penelope.


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When the holiday season comes with multiple excuses for nights out with old friends, a little red number like this one from Rodéo Boutique might turn out to be a party season staple.


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This off-the-shoulder sweater from H Kyle Boutique is ideal for holiday parties of all kinds, with it being easily dressed up or down.


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True red is a classic color for many reasons. This lipstick-hued sweater from Posh Boutique will last for many years to come.

For the grand finale of our roundup, we have this show-stopping gown from Chatta Box Boutique. Buy it now and wear it all Mardi Gras ball season long.