Tonya Toups Gautreau. Photos by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

Best dressed: 50 years of fabulous will be spotlighted at this year’s American Cancer Society fundraiser


Your style in five words or less: Classic, feminine, colorful, romantic, dignified
Fashion inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Middleton and Posh Spice
Favorite designer: Oscar de la Renta
Weekend ensemble: Skinny jeans, T-shirt, booties or sandals and my Hermès belt
Go-to pair of denim: AG skinny leggings
Most splurge-worthy item: Baby blue Valentino Rockstuds
Favorite footwear: Christian Louboutin Iriza half d’Orsay pumps. They elongate the calf like no other.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Wear what makes you feel beautiful and sexy, and then walk like you have three men walking behind you.
Your fashion motto: Coco Chanel said it best: “A girl should be two things—classy and fabulous.”

“My mom’s sister passed away almost 15 years ago from cancer, and that has always been a driving force behind my passion for finding better treatments and a cure.”


Your style in five words or less: Relaxed and traditional
Fashion inspiration: Older brothers
Favorite designer: Jack Victor
Daily uniform: Button down, preferably short sleeved, and wool pants
Prized possession: Grandfather’s cuff links
Favorite tie: Green Ferragamo with shamrocks
Most splurge-worthy item: Dress shoes. I have a EEE wide foot so it’s hard to find comfortable shoes.
If no one were looking, I’d wear: No underwear
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Style is whatever you like.

“My father and father-in-law have had varying levels of cancer. My wife’s aunt passed away from a long battle with breast cancer in 2010.”


Your style in five words or less: Chic, feminine, classy and closet-smart
Fashion inspiration: My daughters. They try to keep me young.
Go-to pair of denim: Citizens of Humanity high-waisted jeans
Most splurge-worthy item: Jewelry
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A bikini
Worst fashion memory: 1990s. Puff-painted T-shirts that I made and wore and even made my girls wear!
Must-have product: Neocutis skin cream and eye cream
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Embrace your shape. When in doubt, wear nude shoes to make your legs look longer. Short people need that!
Your fashion motto: Life is short. Buy it!

“My dad had leukemia, and my mom had Stage 4 breast cancer. They both died within four months of their diagnosis. I had Stage 2 breast cancer and my husband Johnny had prostate cancer. We need a cure for cancer, and it needs to be now!”


Your style in five words or less: Simple, tailored, comfortable and easy
Favorite designers: Ralph Lauren and John Varvatos
Daily uniform: Dark jeans and a button down
Go-to pair of denim: AG and Citizens of Humanity
Most splurge-worthy item: Tom Ford sunglasses
Last thing I purchased: Ludlow slim-fit suit from J. Crew
Worst fashion memory: Junior high school free dress day: I wore an off-the-shoulder hoodie. Big mistake.
Must-have product: Just a good ceramic hair dryer
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Less is almost always more. Keep it simple. If you have the confidence, anything can look good.

“My dad lost his mother to cancer at a very young age.”


Your style in five words or less: Fun and flirty
Fashion inspiration: Victoria Beckham
Daily uniform: Lululemon pants, tank top, tennis shoes or UGGs
Weekend ensemble: Distressed jeans, sleeveless top and Louboutins
Piece I skimp on: Jewelry—I always lose my expensive stuff.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A fanny pack
Signature fragnance: Houbigant Paris
Must-have product: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Best fashion advice I’ve ever recieved: My mother in law tells us, “You can always go from an A to an A+.”

“Cerivical cancer took the life of my best friend a year and a half ago. She was 29 when she was diagnosed and passed away at 31.”


Your style in five words or less: I love white – shirts, shorts, pants.
Favorite designer: Alexis
Weekend ensemble: Baseball or birthday party attire. Kid friendly, plus sunscreen.
Go-to pair of denim: DL 196
Piece I skimp on: Bathing suits from Target
I can’t get enough of: Rompers
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: High-waisted pants
Worst fashion memory: Having my younger sisters clean out my closet because I am a hoarder of clothes. It was embarrassing!
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Splurge on a few key pieces of your wardrobe that will never go out of style.

“As a dermatologist, I diagnose patients often with melanoma. It is my goal to help prevent melanoma through education and regular skin exams.”


Your style in five words or less: Resort/country club casual
Fashion inspiration: Comfortable beach attire
Favorite designer: The person that invented flip-flops
Daily uniform: Company-logo pullover, golf shirt, jeans and loafers
Weekend ensemble: Untucked shirt, shorts and flip-flops
Go-to pair of denim: Lucky Brand
Worst fashion memory: Matching Hawaiian-print shirt and shorts with my older brother
If no one were looking, I’d wear: I have nothing to hide.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Stay away from cutoff jean shorts and get rid of the pleated pants!

“Cancer has impacted multiple members of our family, including my son, father, father-in-law and the loss of both grandfathers and an uncle.”


Your style in five words or less: Basic, black, classic, comfortable, easy
Fashion inspiration: Ashley Longshore
Favorite designer: Milly
Daily uniform: Jeans and a black tee
Weekend ensemble: Jeans and a black tee
Handbag of choice: Louis Vuitton Noe Bucket, designed to carry several bottles of Champagne
Prized possession: Tennis bracelet, which was the first piece of jewelry that my husband bought me
I can’t get enough of: Pants that are long enough for me
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Wear what looks good on you and fits your body. It may not be the latest trend, but when the clothes fit well, you will feel confident and look great.
Your fashion motto: Comfort is always on trend.

“My best friend Treville Baker was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer two days after I returned from my honeymoon. Trev was so brave and fought like a warrior, but the prognosis of glioblastoma is very dismal. Trev lost her battle in two short years. I am doing this in Trev’s honor. Anything we can do is better than nothing.”


Your style in five words or less: Casual and comfortable
Daily uniform: Slacks and a dress shirt
Weekend ensemble: Jeans or shorts, depending on the weather
Go-to pair of denim: 34 Heritage
Prized possession: Sport fishing boat
Most splurge-worthy item: Anything for the boat
Piece I skimp on: I don’t skimp
Last thing I purchased: Dress shirts from Pink
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Pastel shorts
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Worn-out jeans and T-shirts

“My father, sister and 21-year-old niece died of cancer. My mom is presently battling this monster.”


Your style in five words or less: Classic and simple
Favorite designer: Pete Millar
Go-to pair of denim: James Jeans
Most splurge-worthy item: Suits and shoes
Piece I skimp on: I’ve never had to buy a watch, thanks to LSU and the 20 bowl watches that I’ve been given.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Alabama T-shirt or anything crimson
Worst fashion memory: Green parachute pants
Favorite tie: I’m superstitious, so I have a few “victory” ties that I like to wear.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Don’t try too hard, and wear nice shoes.

“Cancer has affected many people that I know, but it’s the ones that I’ve gotten to meet through organizations like Make-A-Wish and St. Jude that have had the biggest impact on me. Everyone should feel a responsibility to help find a cure for cancer.”


Your style in five words or less: Simple, elegant, no fuss, comfortable
Fashion inspiration: Audrey Hepburn
Weekend ensemble: Skinny jeans, belt, slides, silk top
Go-to pair of denim: Hudson
Prized possession: Diamond necklace my husband gave me for my wedding from Lee Michaels
Last thing I purchased: Dee Keller shoes
Worst fashion memory: Prom 1987. Pink dress and big, big hair.
If no one were looking, I’d wear: PJs or nothing
Signature fragrance: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris, À la Rose
Your fashion motto: “Ask Lexie” or “Mike will kill me next month.”

“My husband Mike is a prostate cancer survivor.”


Your style in five words or less: Sporty, fun, feminine but edgy
Favorite designer: CoCo Chanel. I admire her feminine vision
Weekend ensemble: During the fall, jeans, an LSU T-shirt and boots
Go-to pair of denim: Rag and Bone distressed jeans
Prized possession: My collection of vintage Louis Vuitton bags
Most splurge-worthy item: Christian Louboutin black stiletto boots
Must-have product: Elta M.D. sunscreen
What I’m looking for now: Designer sales. I’m always looking for a bargain.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Dress for your body and know what pieces are splurge worthy.
Your fashion motto: It shouldn’t be that hard.

“During my pediatric residency in Georgia, a little girl died in my arms from a complication of childhood cancer. As I was trying to keep her alive, her father told me to let his angel go on to heaven.”


Your style in five words or less: Individual, tailored, classic
Fashion inspiration: My grandfather. He dresses to the nines every day, no matter what.
Favorite designer: Billy Reid
Go-to pair of denim: Diesel
Last thing I purchased: I just ordered four custom button downs for work.
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Skinny jeans. My legs are too long to pull these off!
Worst fashion memory: My friends and I went through a spiky haired/club gear phase! Glad those days are over.
Signature fragrance: Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt
Must-have product: A tailored suit. If you can go custom, it’s worth it but not a must. Main thing is you have something nice to wear for a nice occasion.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Less is more! It’s about people wearing clothes, instead of the other way around.

“My grandmother, who I was very close to, died of skin cancer. This hit me really hard and put things into perspective.”


Your style in five words or less: Individual, unique, classic, sophisticated, out of the box
Fashion inspiration: Victoria Beckham
Favorite designer: Tom Ford
Daily uniform: High ankle or crop jeans, sandals, cute top
Go-to pair of denim: Adriano Goldschmeid
Most splurge-worthy item: Chanel J12 watch
Handbag of choice: Fendi
Worst fashion memory: Baggy overalls
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Don’t dress for anyone else.

“Several extended family members and two very good friends have either battled or are currently battling cancer.”


Your style in five words or less: Simple, casual, Southern
Fashion inspiration: My late grandfather, Cucho Balart
Daily uniform: Scrubs if I’m doing endoscopy. Not fashionable, but practical.
Weekend ensemble: Jeans and a collared shirt
Go-to pair of denim: Whatever ones are in my closet
Worst fashion memory: My high school mohawk. Good for the football team, bad for fashion.
Favorite tie: A pink pelican tie my daughter picked out for me when she was little
Must-have product: Kiehl’s facial moisturizer
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. You can always take off a tie or jacket.

“My father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma two years ago, underwent a stem cell transplant and is in remission. My mother-in-law lost her battle with colon cancer in 2005.”


Your style in five words or less: Simple, comfortable, but chic
Fashion inspiration: Jessica Alba
Go-to pair of denim: Hudson
Most splurge-worthy item: Handbags
Handbag of choice: Chloé
Worst fashion memory: In high school, my big permed hair and blue eyeliner
Signature fragrance: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
Must-have product: Concealer and sunscreen
Your fashion motto: Be comfortable, and confident in whatever you wear.

“A dear friend of mine was in her early 30s when she was diagnosed with cancer and had a 2-year-old daughter at the time. Going through that time with her showed me how badly we need a cure for cancer. Thank God she is in remission today.”


Your style in five words or less: Casual yet professional
Favorite designer: J. Hilburn
Weekend ensemble: Workout clothes, jeans, button-down shirts and sports coats
Go-to pair of denim: AG Jeans
Most splurge-worthy item: Tag Heuer watch, Lucchese boots, J. Hilburn sportcoat
Worst fashion memory: Leisure suit
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Doesn’t matter. No one’s looking.
Signature fragrance: Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue
Must-have product: Jack Black face moisturizer
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Listen to your wife.

“I’ve watched the effects that prostate cancer has had on my dad over many years. Even though he has been a survivor, the effect of radiation combined with diabetes has been a very difficult struggle in his life. My admiration and love for him has only strengthened.”


Your style in five words or less: Cool and casual
Fashion inspiration: Taylor Robert
Weekend ensemble: Snap shirt, jeans and cowboy boots
Last thing I purchased: Lucchese distressed alligator boots
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Anything with a horse on it
Worst fashion memory: Jams shorts with a Coca-Cola rugby shirt
If no one were looking, I’d wear: Hurley shorts, tank top and flat-bill hat
Signature fragrance: Combo of Secret deodorant and Pantene shampoo
Favorite footwear: Flip-flops in the summer and Lucchese boots in the fall
Best fashion advice you’ve received: Tan fat equals muscle.
Your fashion motto: Your clothes can never be too tight.

“Melanoma took one of my best friends, Michael Ory. He lost his battle with cancer one year ago but fought this disease bravely for seven years. He is and was a true inspiration to everyone that knew him.”


Your style in five words or less: Classic and professional
Fashion inspiration: Barack Obama
Favorite designer: Hugo Boss
Weekend ensemble: Casual fishing attire or Levi’s and a golf shirt
Most splurge-worthy item: Blue blazer by Manuel Martinez
What I’m looking for now: A suit by Hickey Freeman
Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Skinny jeans
Worst fashion memory: Wearing a full black leather outfit recently in front of my wife’s girlfriends. They wore me out!
Favorite footwear: Ferragamo’s
Best fashion advice you’ve received: When taking care of professional business, dress like a professional. My grandfather, Louis Charbonnet Jr. of New Orleans, was the consummate business owner. He wore a suit six days a week and was always prepared to handle business.

“Breast cancer claimed my paternal grandmother when I was 20. If it weren’t for her, I would not be married to my wife of 24 years. She was the finest and most loving human being to ever walk the earth.”


Your style in five words or less: Understated, tailored, classic
Fashion inspiration: My mom Lorri Mayhall (Best Dressed ’91) and Charlize Theron
Favorite designer: Ralph Lauren Collection, Tibi, Elizabeth & James, Zara
Daily uniform: I practice law, so a black suit or a blouse and skirt. Always with heels
Weekend ensemble: If we’re going out, black Marc Jacobs shorts with a black top, always with heels and my black Vince leather jacket.
Go-to pair of denim: Not a jeans girl
Most splurge-worthy item: Shoes, handbags, jewelry
Pieces I skimp on: Everything else
Worst fashion memory: Navigating the icy streets of Des Moines, Iowa, during the 2008 presidential caucuses in 4½-inch heels.
Best fashion advice you’ve received: You’re never fully dressed without a smile.
Your fashion motto: I have yet to meet a dress that’s too short.

“Lung cancer took my grandfather, William Monroe Parks, four months before I was born. Though I never met him, I’ve come to know him and love him through the stories my mom shared.”