Makeup artist Paige Jeansonne. Photo by Sean Gasser.

Beauty trends you need to know for 2024

Whether you like a full face or a natural look, makeup trends are always changing. Last year, we saw celebrities like Sofia Richie and Hailey Bieber leading the charge, starting fads like strawberry makeup and the latte look. But what is to come in 2024? To find out, we asked local makeup artist Paige Jeansonne to give us her predictions for upcoming makeup trends. Read on before your next trip to Sephora.

What was your favorite trend from 2023?

Photo by Kimberly Meadowlark

In 2023, I was very into a glowy cream blush look. Having that natural pink flush look on the skin is everything. I also loved the trend of rhinestones and pearl embellishments with makeup. Makeup is meant to be a way of expressing yourself and having fun.

What do you expect to see in 2024?

In 2024, expect to see lots of pops of color, from eyeshadow to eyeliner to mascara! I absolutely love wearing a colored liner. I also expect to see a very natural, almost bare, glowy skin trend. Using something like a skin tint will give you that look. It will still give you coverage without being heavy on the skin.

Paige’s suggested products

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2. MAC Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation

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3. Danessa Myricks Colorfix Eye, Cheek and Lip Cream Pigments

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