Tiffany Hill. Photo by Allie Catalanotto.

5 tips for developing your own best-dressed style

It happens to the best of us. You’re scrolling through social media and spot a celebrity sporting an amazing outfit. Then, in an attempt to mimic the look, you carefully collect clothing items, copy the same styling, try the ensemble on and … look nothing like the supermodel on Instagram. Go figure. 

Thanks to each of our beautifully unique body types, not every outfit will look the same on everyone. However, local model, fashion designer and stylist Tiffany Hill assures us there is no reason to be discouraged. Styles and silhouettes come in forms that flatter every individual anatomy. To help us highlight our body’s best features and build a wardrobe we love to wear, Hill offers her top styling tips:

1. Keep an open mind.

When approaching the world of fashion, it’s best to remain as open-minded as possible. It’s common to shut down the idea of trying something new because of past struggles. However, it doesn’t hurt to try. Staying open-minded has benefited me because it has allowed room for my style to evolve when needed. Just like we evolve and grow as individuals, so does our style. 

As far as styling others, I keep my clients open-minded by educating them on the different dynamics of fashion. This knowledge allows my clients to understand the hows and whys behind the clothes that they are wearing. 

2. Flatter your figure.

It’s important to understand that we wear clothes, they shouldn’t wear us. Meaning, style is not about the clothes themselves, but rather feeling great in looks you love. Sporting what highlights our bodies best ensures we will be confident in what we are wearing, which really amplifies the presentation of our clothing.

For short torsos and long legs, try keeping tops untucked and avoid high-waisted pants. Tucking in your top will make your torso appear even shorter, so I suggest allowing it to flow naturally to elongate your figure. I find bottoms with a lower waistline more flattering on short torsos, as high-waisted bottoms can shorten them even more.

For long torsos and short legs, I suggest the opposite. Wearing your shirt tucked in creates flattering division in your upper body and brings emphasis to your legs. High-waisted pants balance long torsos and lengthen shorter legs.

3. Give tailoring a try.

Clothes look best when they fit your body correctly (aside from intentionally wearing something oversized, of course). I promise that you likely have great clothes in your closet, but they may not be fitting properly. Try getting them tailored to enhance the fit. Tailors are great resources for services such as taking in garments that are too large and shortening garments that are too long. 

This also works great if your weight is fluctuating. For example, if your blouse is too big because you lost weight, you can get it taken in by a tailor and still get plenty of wear out of it.


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4. Test styles sustainably.

I am all about sustainable buying. A great way to take advantage of sustainable shopping is to thrift. Thrifting gives you the freedom to try new pieces while not breaking the bank. Most thrift stores have “colors of the day,” which allows you to receive an extra discount on top of the regular ticketed price—how great is that? When I thrift, I sometimes find pieces that I fall in love with but are way too big. This is where tailoring comes into play.

5. Lay on the layers.

Once you have established a collection of well-fitting basics, amp up your style with layering. Layering is all about starting with good basic pieces and then building on top of that. Starting with a simple top and bottom, try adding a jacket, sweater or outer coat. Then, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! This is my favorite part. Add a belt, cool printed scarf or a bunch of necklaces. Statement earrings and headwear make great accents as well. And of course, you can’t forget the shoes! If you like a more simplistic outfit, a funky shoe is a great way to turn it all the way up. 

To learn more about Hill, check out her website or contact [email protected]. Read more tips from Tiffany, including her skincare secrets, in this story from our sister publication 225