Photo by Collin Richie.

From ‘225’: How Two Little Boys’ styles are inspiring kids everywhere

The name of the clothing line is Two Little Boys, and it’s run by two little CEOs. With Mom’s help, of course.

Regina Adams launched the business in 2017 alongside her fraternal twins, Channing and Kingston. Together, they make screen-printed, pint-size T-shirts and accessories. The kids’ clothing designs they come up with are artful and edgy. A ’90s-themed backpack is covered with boom boxes and graffiti. Checkered socks feature a bear they dubbed “Laweezeyana.”

Shirts are just as likely to have squiggle patterns or camo prints as they are to feature photos of French fries or clouds. These designs are coming from the imaginations of 8-year-olds, after all.

Asked where the twins get their inspiration, Kingston tilts his head thoughtfully. “The different days make different styles for us,” he says.

He’s right: It all started with animal-print T-shirts they made to wear on a field trip to the zoo. They handpainted a golden lion, finished with googly eyes. Soon, everyone on the school bus wanted their own painted shirts.

So Adams and the twins made more. They began doing pop-ups at a friend’s shop, WINK Your Eyes, which was then in the Mall of Louisiana. It was just the exposure the brand needed. Adams started screenprinting the shirts. The process enabled her to sell in larger quantities. Through the brand’s Instagram and e-commerce shop, it now reaches customers all over the country.

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