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10 questions with Ornement Jewelry

Forget “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”—we’re opting for natural beads, pyrite and vintage charms. Often, beauty is found in the out-of-the-ordinary. Owner and creator of Ornement Jewelry Tiffanie Lasseigne knows this well.

Utilizing wood and bone, as well as precious metals, Lasseigne handcrafts each piece of jewelry with care to achieve a unique style. By finding inspiration in the qualities of each stone, she says she hopes that each of her creations will complement the individuality of the women who choose to wear them.

Read on to learn more about Lasseigne and Ornement Jewelry.

1. What inspired you to start Ornement Jewelry?

After being a stay-at-home mom for nearly a decade, I felt it was time for me to reignite my creativity and revisit my love for jewelry design. As soon as I delved back into it, I quickly remembered how much I loved the entire creative process: seeking out all of the raw materials (possibly my favorite part of the whole process), searching for exceptionally unique stones, and meticulously designing and ultimately creating the perfectly distinctive piece. It was only natural for me to pursue it as a full-time venture, rather than merely an occasional hobby.

2. What is your professional background? How did you get your start?

In 2003, I graduated from LSU with a degree in apparel design with a minor in business administration. I’ve always had an affinity for unique jewelry, and during my college years, I began experimenting with beadwork, learning various techniques and making jewelry for myself and friends. From that point, it became a fond hobby and creative outlet.

3. What kind of materials do you favor for your designs?

Every piece of jewelry is made exclusively with all-natural materials. I carefully hand-select a variety of semi-precious gemstones and natural beads, such as bone, wood and recycled glass and combine them with precious metals. I also love incorporating vintage finds into many of my pieces.

4. What is one piece you cannot live without? 

I would have to say pendant necklaces are my daily go-to pieces. They are so versatile, either worn alone for a more understated look or as several necklaces layered together. My favorites are made with vintage brass chain paired with a one-of-a-kind stone or a handful of vintage charms.

5. What pieces are your favorites and why?

Oh, that’s a hard one. Right now, I’m really obsessing over my little collection of malachite, pyrite and brass pieces. My favorite color is green, so I’ve always gravitated towards the gorgeous green hues of the stone. And I can’t get enough of the fascinating metallic tones of pyrite.

My favorite pieces would have to be the “Millau” necklace, a mid-length pyrite pendant necklace on vintage brass chain, and the “Carvaggio” necklace, a longer statement necklace which features malachite, pyrite and brass beads finished with an engraved magnetic clasp.

6. What is one thing you would like people to know about Ornement Jewelry that they might not be aware of? 

All of my pieces are handcrafted by me and are available in very limited quantities, many of them being one of a kind.

7. Where can people find Ornement Jewelry?

You can currently find a selection of my jewelry on my website,, and on Instagram @ornementjewelry. I’m also at the monthly Mid City Makers Market at Electric Depot and other occasional local markets–hopefully many more in the coming year.


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8. Do you have any pieces that hold sentimental value to you?

All of my pieces that feature vintage components, particularly the old and rare ones, have sentimental meaning because they each have a unique history. I especially love when I am able to learn about the story of the found piece. This isn’t often the case so when I can, it makes it all the more special. Sometimes it’s hard for me to part with those pieces. I guess you could say it’s an occupational hazard of sorts.

9. Where do you seek inspiration in your pieces?

I’m constantly inspired by the materials themselves. I have such a great appreciation for the aesthetic diversity and intrinsic beauty of the stones. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always admired and loved collecting various crystals, stones and mineral specimens. And obviously I still do! Nature truly is magnificent.

10. What does a typical day look like for you? 

Coffee, answering emails, tending to paperwork and invoices, followed by some beadwork, lunch, photographing and editing images for my website, organizing current inventory, researching new inventory, more beadwork, carpool, after-school activities, homework, prepping and cooking dinner, and finally a little more beadwork–with a side of wine, of course.