Owner Jessica Goudeau. Photos by Kasee Elvir

10 questions with Denham Springs’ JM Boutique

Jessica Goudeau wasn’t content to let a dream remain a dream. She took her love of clothes, accessories and putting smiles on people’s faces and turned it into JM Boutique, a self-proclaimed “hidden treasure” (and 2021 “Best of 225” winner) in Denham Springs.

To learn more about the ins and outs of this popular spot for posh new threads, we reached out to Goudeau for the inside scoop on her shop and vision:

1. What was your inspiration for opening JM Boutique? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt about creating a fun and dreamy storefront. I wanted to create a store that was inviting and fun—a place where everyone feels welcomed, with an upbeat atmosphere, and where fashion and everyday lifestyle are at the forefront. 

2. What is your professional background? How did you get into the retail field?

I am a licensed cosmetologist and was in the industry for six years before opening JM. I also have a general studies degree. My six years in cosmetology introduced me to a lot of wonderful people in both the cosmetology and fashion industries. Me ending up in retail is all God’s plan. I would have never imagined this. I feel like you dream of things but sometimes never go for it. I’m so thankful for the path God has set me on and forever grateful for my supportive husband who gave me the extra push to go for it. I hope to grow JM for many years to come, while being an inspiration for women wanting to reach for their dreams and bless as many lives as I can along the way. We love to give back to our community. 

3. What is the overall style/aesthetic of JM Boutique? 

JM has a glam, uplifting, fashion-forward aesthetic. We are very fun and always bright. I like to say you’ll always leave with a smile.

4. How does JM Boutique stand out from other boutiques? 

JM is always changing and evolving. I love things fresh and new! I’d say the top two things that keep JM set apart are our constant new and fresh arrivals and our customer service—with customer service being number one. We love our customers and always want to give them the absolute best experience when shopping with us.

5. What’s the story behind the name JM Boutique? 

Fun fact: JM  is actually named after me, and I love this because not many know this!  My name is Jessica Megan—it’s like a little piece of me, but it has become its own name, and that is so special to me.

6. What is your favorite thing about the boutique?

My favorite thing about JM is the atmosphere. I walk in and it just makes me so happy. From our people to our products, it’s a positive, radiant vibe! This holds a special place in my heart because from the very start this is what I wanted: a beautiful and inviting atmosphere where everyone would feel welcome. 

7. What can customers expect this coming spring season?

Expect color! The trends are feminine with bold colors. We are also seeing a lot of Western themes. Loving the vibes.

8. What is a typical day like for you and your team?

Crazy! I have to hand it to my team. They are the best. We start our day early, around 8:30 in the morning, and prepare the store and orders from the night before. We begin answering messages and get our day rolling. A normal day consists of: customer service, merchandising the storefront, inventory (both at the storefront and at the warehouse), styling and shooting photos. We work on upcoming events and new collections. So many moving parts during a day, but our team handles it! 

9. What are your favorite products sold at the store and why?

This is such a tough one—I love everything! I’d say anything pink or anything that sparkles is an absolute favorite because it brings such a happy feeling, and let’s face it, because it’s PINK! Honestly, my favorite products are anything that makes the customers smile. When I see someone love something or pick out a gift, it just does something to my heart. 

10. Where can customers find JM Boutique? 

We love to say we are a hidden treasure! We are tucked away in Denham Springs. We are blown away by the sweet customers who travel to us every day. If you aren’t local, we have a website! You can also connect with us on our Facebook page and on Instagram.