Photos courtesy Blush Rouge Boutique

10 questions with Blush & Rouge Boutique

Angie Benoit, owner of Blush & Rouge Boutique, took her dream of an affordable and fashionable clothing store and made it mobile in July 2020 when she opened her own boutique on wheels. This idea may be fairly new around the Baton Rouge area, but Benoit’s passion for fashion is evergreen, having learned plenty of tips and tricks that keep her business rolling along. So let’s get this style show on the road! Buckle up and get ready to read a little more about Blush & Rouge Boutique.

Angie Benoit inside the mobile Blush & Rouge Boutique.

1. What inspired the start of Blush & Rouge Boutique?

I started Blush & Rouge Boutique in the summer of 2020 as a creative outlet. I am an elementary teacher by trade, and work can be super stressful. I started blogging in 2019, which sparked my love for fashion and the clothing world. I found, however, that it was so expensive to be and stay in style. I decided I wanted to be in charge of own my own boutique where a teacher like myself could find something stylish and trendy, but on a budget.

2. What is your professional background? How did you get into the retail field?

I graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and I am currently in my fifth year of teaching. I absolutely love teaching, but it is definitely way more than I ever imagined when choosing the career path. I found myself exhausted every day. I was looking for a creative outlet, which led me to blogging. I fell in love with creating content for my blog AuthenticallyAng and really started to find my own style in the fashion world. After a year of blogging, I decided to start my own boutique so I could be in control of the quality, sizing and pricing of the items!

3. When did you launch Blush & Rouge Boutique? How do the online store and traveling boutique work together?

I launched Blush & Rouge in July 2020. I started with just an online storefront and stayed that way for about six months. I started popping up at different coffee houses and events not long into my boutique journey and thought it would be fun to bring a fun new way of shopping to Baton Rouge. My husband took the idea and ran with it. After a few months of planning and building, we held our first event with the mobile boutique in February 2021 and it’s been a hit ever since. On the weekends, I love taking the mobile boutique to different events. We are still online and do local pickup in the Baton Rouge area with boutique events on the weekends.

4. What sets Blush & Rouge apart from other boutiques?

I would say something that sets us apart from other boutiques is that we are affordable and, for the most part, size-inclusive. We have truly tried our best since starting a year ago to have as much size variance as possible so that anyone could come in and find something they feel beautiful in. We also strive to have an item for someone in every stage of their life!

5. How would you describe the style at Blush & Rouge?

I would describe our style as trendy, affordable and size-inclusive. Most of our items go from S-XL or 2X. We have clothing, shoes and accessories for any age.

6. What are your favorite products sold at the boutique right now and why?

My favorite products would be sweaters. I am currently six months pregnant so it’s been a struggle to fit into some of the items that we have in stock. However, the sweaters in stock that I do fit still make me happy!

7. Where do you travel with the boutique on wheels? Can you book it for private events?

We travel all around Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. For example, last weekend I was at Small Town Nutrition in Denham Springs, but we will travel anywhere in the state if asked.

Yes, we love doing private events! We can bring our mobile boutique to your house for a girls night at a discounted rate.

8. How has the response been from customers thus far?

The response has been out of this world! I am so incredibly blessed to be able to have this opportunity to provide affordable fashion on the “geaux” to my fellow Louisiana gals. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

9. What’s one thing that customers should know about Blush & Rouge that they might not be aware of?

People often associate the word “boutique” with super expensive and size-selective pieces. I have customers who will tell me that they assume I wouldn’t have anything for them, and they are shocked when they come inside and find an outfit that they love! We try our best to be as size-inclusive as possible so that everyone can feel beautiful and confident in anything they try on.

10. What can we expect to see in the future from Blush & Rouge?

You will see so much from us in the future. We will continue to bring our mobile boutique to events near you, as well as book private events. We might even get an actual storefront in a few years! We shall see!

To learn more and do some shopping of your own, check out the store’s website and follow @shopblushandrouge on Instagram.