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From the Editor: Takes the Cake

For my sixth birthday, one of my favorite aunts baked for me what I consider to be my favorite cake of all time. A strawberry masterpiece that made up the skirt of none other than the fashion icon herself: Barbie.

You know those memories that just don’t fade? That is this cake. More than two decades later, I still dream about this cake. It was flawless in every way—or at least that’s how I remember it. Down to the perfectly blonde doll smiling back at me.

Photo by Jordan Hefler

Baked goods have a way of creating those core memories, at least if you know my aunt, Sharon. That’s right. I’m name-dropping.

When I was greeted with her homemade cake balls (again, in the flavor strawberry) at my engagement party, I cried tears I didn’t even shed at my actual engagement. It sparked a moment of nostalgia. A moment of looking back and remembering that six-year-old girl and her Barbie cake.

My aunt bakes for everything and for everyone. And I wish that skill was something I adopted after many years by her side. But, try as she did for my entire childhood, I just don’t have a knack for cooking of any type, and certainly not the precise measurements and temperatures of baking. I’ll spare my family and the larger public the fruits of my baking labor.

Regardless of my own skills, though, I can appreciate the impact that homemade treats have on those who have the pleasure of enjoying them.

My aunt’s cookies are like a warm hug. Her cake balls? They’re a kiss. And her mini pecan pies? Well, you just have to be there.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, I’m sure you picked something up from the dessert table at the last party you attended. After all, it’s not really a party without a cake, is it? But maybe I’m biased.

This month, we’re spotlighting the big business of cookies and the local women leading the charge. Their driving force is bringing that same love and nostalgia that my aunt brings to my family to the entire community. And I think that’s pretty sweet. Read about their unique cookies and moving missions here.

In the meantime, think about a dessert that has changed your life. Or just one you remember. Heck, maybe even grab one from the kitchen.

Making things for one another is such a beautiful gift. We have the power to create memories for others that are so sweet they just never forget.

So, here’s to the cake balls. The pecan pies. And, especially, the Barbie cakes. But, most of all, here’s to so many more sweet memories with our friends, family and community.