Photos by Jordan Hefler

Sweet Disposition: These Capital City bakers are anything but cookie cutter

The perfect cookie does not exist.

That’s because the ideal texture and flavor is an opinion as unique as each dessert lover themselves. One thing bakers can agree on is that cookies have never been more popular. We’ve seen the rise of Crumbl, with more than 800 locations nationwide and three locally, and Subway’s recent launch of the footlong cookie. There’s no escaping this sugary craze.

Whether you opt for thick and gooey or thin and crispy, there’s a bakery in the Capital City that has the sweet treat you’ve been craving. That is, if you get there before they sell out. All different. Each delicious. The texture, size, ingredients and methods used for the cookies at three of Baton Rouge’s most popular bakeries vary greatly. But one thing they all have in common is that business is booming.

These bakers have made it clear that they are not interested in merely capitalizing on a trend. Instead, they’ve established enduring businesses committed to the art of baking, giving back to the community and spreading the joy of sharing a sweet treat with loved ones.

Click the below images to learn about three local bakeries and their unique takes on cookies.

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