Photos courtesy Shannon Mahon.

Take a tour of this moody multi-use lounge

Shannon Mahon, local decorator and co-owner of Mint, typically prides herself on sophisticated style accomplished through clean lines, neutral tones and pops of subtle color (as can be seen in her parents’ home here). Her new project, though, warranted a different approach.

Only accessible through a secret bookshelf entry that is triggered by pulling a certain novel that sits upon its shelves, this spare room has an air of mystery that Mahon was keen to bring into all aspects of the design. Using rich tones of cognac, emerald and burgundy, she transformed the once basic guest space into a moody library lounge that still maintains plenty of functionality.

A Murphy bed is hidden amongst the walls of painted bookshelves, allowing the space to work for overnight guests. A velvet couch and chairs–each in striking jewel tones–provide ample seating for those chosen few who are invited in to enjoy a glass of bourbon or a game of chess. But Mahon’s favorite part is the impact provided by the blending of new pieces alongside sentimental items that have been collected by the homeowner over the years.

“It’s all in the details and layering old and new pieces,” says Mahon.

Throughout the space, you can find a peacock fireplace screen, record player, surfboard, and even medical books.

“All of which all have a story. And believe me, the man of the house would love to tell you them all,” remarks Mahon.

Scroll over the photo below for Mahon’s breakdown of the little details that pull it all together: