Photo courtesy of Ann Connelly Fine Art.

Rules for picking the perfect paintings from Ann Connelly Fine Art’s Chelsea Norris

It’s no secret that the team at Ann Connelly Fine Art are experts when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces. And while they make the process look effortless, for anyone who has ever worked to fill the spaces in their home, they know that curating art is anything but simple. In an effort to streamline the process and re-create the style and sophistication of a gallery, we sat down with Chelsea Norris, assistant director of Ann Connelly Fine Art, to learn the gallery’s ultimate “rules to live by” when it comes to art selection.

Photo courtesy Ann Connelly Fine Art.

1. Browse … a lot.

“Selecting artwork starts with a thoughtful period of discovery,” says Norris. “Basically this is a period of looking. The more you look, the more you’ll learn what you gravitate toward.”

Don’t rush when trying to find the right piece for that special place in your home. A little bit of extra time can go a long way.

2. Think outside of the frame.

“Many fine artists we work with push outside the boundaries of two-dimensional painting,” explains Norris. “They work dimensionally with mobiles, sculpture and installation.”

When thinking about art, consider other options to add life to that room. Many people assume that decorating with art only comes in the form of paintings. Ditch that idea and get creative.

3. Pick a common thread.

“Our goal is to create a diverse collection that is unified by the individual quality of each piece and elevates the artwork collection as a whole,” says Norris.

Finding an accent color that appears in both a piece of art and your throw pillows, for example, is a great way to tie everything together. Finding that common thread helps an entire room flow seamlessly.

4. Pull together global and local.

“When we travel to art fairs and around the world, we are constantly on the pursuit of inspiration,” says Norris. “We are so proud to be a part of the regional artist landscape and find so much talent coming out of the South.”

Always be on the lookout for endless inspiration when you travel. That color scheme in Greece, those patterns from Morocco, every nook and cranny of this planet is overflowing with inspiration. Be on the lookout.

5. Authenticity is paramount.

“We live by our mantra, ‘collect authentic,'” says Norris. “The authenticity of a collection is unique to each home and collector. Fine art that tells a truly personal and genuine story can make for some of the most successful artwork environments within a home.”

Staying true to yourself and telling your own story is the best way to ensure that your collection will never go out of style.

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