Design by Anne McCanless, Texture. Photos by Sara Essex Bradley.

Room tour: Sentimental touches make a vibrant dining space complete

Atop an oval dining table sourced from England, a collection of designer Anne McCanless’ family heirlooms, antiques and new finds come together to create a table setting that sets the tone for this dramatic dining room. Vibrant in color but steeped in tradition, the delicate pieces marry formal and fun.

“I feel like color is so important for lifting moods,” McCanless says. “Color is back, so why not use it everywhere?”

Perhaps the most notable use of color is in the bold green that covers the walls and ceiling. The satin finish of the Fine Paints of Europe paint on the walls turns to gloss to emphasize the curvature of the ceiling while reflecting the other pops of color throughout the space.

“The large work by George Marks in the back of the room is from my personal collection,” McCanless explains. “When I saw it, I had to have it because—this might sound crazy—I saw my girls’ faces in it. It’s so special to me because of that.”

Flanking the painting are two Murano glass lamps that pair with a Murano glass chandelier. “I love the Murano glass used like this because it’s something old that’s made modern with a new perspective,” McCanless says.

Underfoot, an antique Oushak rug borrowed from Samir Oriental Rugs draws on the room’s colors in a more muted way. And on each of the walls, everything from small canvas works to a statement mirror to the bold bunnies of Hunt Slonem finish the design and give it a collected feel.

“I wanted the space to feel current but still have that old, cozy feeling,” McCanless says. “The room is interesting and inviting. Guests would never forget a dinner at your house.”

Click on the photos below for a closer look at this dining room, which was part of the 2021 Ivy House Designer Showhome. And check out more of the showhome here.