Photos by Sara Essex Bradley

Room Tour: This laundry room puts the wow in wash day

“In most homes, the laundry room is overlooked when it comes to the wow factor,” says designer Rachel Cannon. “We believe that every inch of your home should elicit a feeling, and intentional design elevates even rooms like this from a strictly utilitarian space to a room you love.”

With its 12-foot ceilings and expansive size, the laundry room Cannon decorated for the 2021 Ivy House Designer Show Home had a head start on that wow factor from the initial build. Cannon capitalized on the room’s spaciousness and natural light by painting the walls in a deep green and adding a salon wall featuring a mix of original artworks from Ann Connelly Fine Art, along with a large Carlos Ramirez painting suspended from chains in front of the window. The color palette plays perfectly with the dark soapstone countertops from Triton Stone, upon which Cannon displayed essentials including clothespins and detergent in glass vessels. 

Tucked amongst cabinets by RTE Cabinets & Millwork is a cozy bed for a canine companion. The custom dog bed is available through RCL Interiors, as is the vintage rug that grounds this space. Overhead is a gilded light fixture from Capital City Lighting, and lamps and decorative accessories are from By Design Interiors.

“I am a big believer that laundry rooms need love,” Cannon says. “All too often, they’re cramped, with storage and layouts that are more an afterthought than a truly functional design. When we saw the laundry room at this year’s house, I knew we would be able to show people how every square foot of space in a home can be chic. The result is a room that is equal parts art gallery, European conservatory, and laundry room.”

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