Photos by Melissa Oivanki.

Room tour: A vibrant hideaway for a mom of three

If there’s one thing to learn from the home featured in this month’s issue of inRegister, it’s that the new year isn’t about neutrals. With homes taking on a whole new role in the past months, we’re seeing a refreshing push toward unique and vibrant interior design. And the tucked-away sitting room of Lana Malone is the perfect example of this.

Designed by Sara Brignac of Workshop 31 Twelve, the fuchsia-accented sanctuary may not read as spa-like serenity for everyone, but it does speak to the personality of its main inhabitant. When working on the space, the goal wasn’t to create a room that appealed to everyone or represented a specific style, but rather, a space that brought together all the things that spark joy for Malone.

“Your home needs to be a reflection of you and your taste in order to be satisfying,” explains Brignac. “My goal isn’t to push anyone toward my style. I’m just a guide to help homeowners achieve a comfortable, functional and, most importantly, unique home.”

Scroll over the photo below for an in-depth look at this bright and feminine space:

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