Photo courtesy McMillin Interiors.

How to transform a family heirloom without sacrificing its sentimental style

We find ourselves at a crossroads when deciding whether to part with a torn and tattered piece of furniture: should we replace it with something brand new, or take a leap of faith and invest in reupholstery? It’s a decision not to be taken lightly, so we reached out to Meghann Landry of McMillin Interiors and asked her to share her advice on revamping our beloved shabby items.

“I love giving new life to existing pieces when they work well in the design, especially if it’s a family heirloom,” says Landry. “With a fabulous fabric or an updated wood tone, you can amplify the character and charm of the piece for another generation to love.”

Landry’s go-to piece of advice for reupholstering lies in the sentimental value of an item.

“First and foremost, it should be a piece that works in the overall design plan,” says Landry. “If there’s no sentimental attachment, sometimes it’s about weighing the cost of the reupholstery process versus purchasing something new.”

When you’ve come to a decision to reupholster a piece of furniture, the process of selecting the right fabric is equally important.

“I always choose fabrics thinking about the entire room as a whole,” says Landry. “Select something that will accentuate the piece itself while elevating the rest of your design. Think about the way the piece will be used. Is it more of an accent or will it be used daily by children, or even pets? Your fabric selection should always reflect those answers.”

“Refreshing existing pieces should fit seamlessly into your design and should never feel like an afterthought,” Landry adds. “That rule stands whether you’re reupholstering one piece in an existing space or working it into a completely new design.”

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