In this pool, a hot tub is discreetly incorporated into the swim deck. Pool and landscape design by CARBO Landscape Architecture. Pool build by Russell Pools. Photo by Eric Garcia of Geauxgarcia Photography.

Upgrade your at-home oasis with these pool design tips

As we dive further and further into yet another blazing Louisiana summer, almost nothing sounds more refreshing than taking a dip. But it’s not only the cool water inside that matters; the appearance of your pool can go a long way in making sure it is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. We spoke to Michael Percy, a partner at CARBO Landscape Architecture, to get a few design tips.

Incorporating a shallow area into a pool allows for young family members to enjoy their pool time alongside the adults. Pool and landscape design and pool house addition by CARBO Landscape Architecture, pool build by Ewing Aquatech, home build by Robert Stone. Photo by Chipper Hatter.

First things first when it comes to pool design: the shape. “Simple is better,” Percy says. “Avoid trends to aim for timeless, clean geometries. The pool shape is the first to date a design.” To keep lines clean, Percy and his team at CARBO prefer their pools in long rectangles, making for a timeless look.

Another way to amplify your pool experience, according to Percy, is with an at-home spa. When thinking of adding a feature such as a hot tub, he says the feature should be discreet, not the focal point, which is why he suggests integrating it into the main body of the pool, as is the case in the photo above.

Lastly, you want to make sure that your pool provides a variety of areas for hanging out once your swim is over. Incorporating features like sun shelves and perimeter benches, or even making sure that your pool has both shallow and deep ends, are good ways to provide ample lounging areas for all of your family and friends. Speaking of family and friends, Percy adds: “Think ahead, and plan for children and family activities.”

Percy also suggests adding umbrella sleeves in the floor of your pool shelf. This hidden feature is perfect for setting up umbrellas and fun activities for the whole family, like a basketball goal or volleyball net.

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