Designer Karen Giffel chose an eye-catching faux leather for the dining chairs. Photo by Sydney Bergeron.

From the May issue: The Delahaye home takes colorful cues from trips abroad

When the Delahaye family made the move from Plaquemine to the heart of Baton Rouge, Nancy Delehaye wanted to create something new. Inspired by the family’s countless trips abroad, she, with the help of friend and interior designer Karen Giffel, took to infusing the newly built Willow Grove home with both the “collected” and “contemporary.”

“Everything in my home has meaning,” explains Nancy, who notes the color inspirations that are derived from souvenirs collected over the years. “For the design of the house, I wanted a very clean, white look but I still wanted pops of color.”

With bright blue dining chairs, an array of throw pillows, and even a one-of-a-kind mantel inspired by the architecture of Nancy’s favorite city Vienna, the home has come to life. For Nancy and her family, however, the vibrant accents throughout the home will never go unchanged. Rather, Nancy explains, the key to creating her perfect home is allowing it to evolve with each new inspiration.

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