Photos by Collin Richie

House plants to incorporate in your space this year, according to a local nursery

The new year is a time to hit the reset button on life, but sometimes, it’s easy to set the bar too high with lofty, hard-to-sustain goals. Making small, simple changes is a better strategy, since it can make a big difference with minimal effort. For example: Try sprucing up your living or work space with a few house plants. This affordable decorative element also creates a sense of calm and even helps purify the air.

Our friends at 225 checked in with Clegg’s Nursery about which house plants to try, and how to display and care for them. Keep reading for the full article from the January 2022 issue of 225.

1. Bromeliad

Add a touch of the tropics with this low-maintenance stunner. Make sure the plant is exposed to medium to bright light, and to water it, simply fill the small natural “cup” formed at the base of the leaves.

2. Aglaonema

Also known as Chinese evergreen, the aglaonema has showy leaves and makes a great addition to any room. This low-maintenance plant tolerates both moist and dry conditions.

3. Sansevieria

Bring height to your indoor plant collection with the sansevieria, which will forgive you even if you forget to water it.

4. Calathea

As this plant grows, its cigar-shaped leaves unfurl romantically. This is a great option for lower-light rooms.   

5. Swiss Cheese Philodendron

Bright, but indirect sun is the way to go with this dreamy, tendrilled beauty, which looks great anywhere, from bookshelves to bathrooms.

6. Flapjack

A succulent with paddle-shaped leaves, the flapjack likes to be placed in a window. Water it only after its soil is slightly dry to the touch.

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