The vibrant colors, natural wood finishes and unexpected accent pieces seen at the Round Top Antiques Fair this year reflect the spring 2022 trends Wood anticipates. Photos by Emily Wood.

A decorator’s tips for tackling spring 2022 home décor trends

Emily Wood. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

Over the past few years, style forecasters have watched the seasons rotate through several trends in home decor, and not just in terms of the furniture we arrange or the curtains we hang. Instead, we’ve seen entire lifestyles emerge out of certain aesthetic preferences, whether for all things whimsical, bright and cozy (think cottagecore or hygge), or else for the clean, white simplicity of minimalism (Scandinavian chic, anyone?). But with spring 2022 yet to unfurl, the true nature of this year’s trends has yet to settle in. Nonetheless, decorators like Emily Wood of Emily Wood Interiors have their finger on the pulse of what the coming months may bring.

“​I would describe the general aesthetic for spring 2022 as fresh and cheerful,” Wood says. “I wouldn’t say it has an overall lifestyle aesthetic, since most people—whether they prefer modern styles or shabby chic farmhouse—are looking for ways to add a positive vibe to their home with brighter colors and less clutter. After staying home for months during COVID, I think people are realizing that it’s time for a change. Most people want more color and less distraction. I myself am in a phase of spring cleaning where I feel like I want to get rid of everything.”

As for what furniture and fabric options deliver that sense of freshness, Wood says to opt for a thoughtful mix of patterns and textures, a way to add complexity to spring style without weighing it down.

“Life is too short to be boring! Spring is the perfect time to add an extra pop of color in your home with, say, a bright lamp or a fun pillow,” Wood says. “Still, I always like to keep what I call ‘forever furniture’ clean-lined and simple. Accent chairs, lamps and small tables can be moved around, but items like curtains, antiques and sofas are usually with us for a while. Keeping these items classic is key.”

The same doesn’t apply to paint colors, which Wood anticipates will become much louder this spring, in harmony with the freshness of picked flowers.

“I love having at least one room in every house painted a color,” she says. “Whether that be a library or a powder bath, bright vibrant colors are in! I am loving the this trend.”

Even so, not everything needs to change with the coming of spring, and Wood still looks forward to many “old” trends sticking around.

“​I am loving the continued use of fun wallpaper—it’s one of my favorite things to source for clients,” she says. “I am also loving the trend of mixing modern elements with antiques. Pairing a lucite chair with an antique desk or a cool modern lamp on a pine chest? It always keeps things fresh and unexpected!”

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