The dark-walled interior of March showcases the vintage vibes derived from Griffin's love of estate sales and flea markets. Photos by Shane Griffin.

10 questions with March by Shane Griffin Designs

In the past, we’ve picked designer Shane Griffin’s brain for stories about Christmas decorwallpaper, modernizing antique furniture and more, but this month, you’ll be able to find him not just in the pages of inRegister, but behind the doors of March, his new retail space opening tomorrow, March 2, in the Bocage Village Shopping Center off Jefferson Highway. A history of perusing estate sales and New York City vintage markets informs the merchandise on display in the small shop, which will also double as Griffin’s design studio.

“I prefer a space to look collected rather than decorated, and my goal is to provide that missing link here in Baton Rouge,” he says.

For more about what you’ll find inside March, keep reading below from our interview with Griffin:

1. What was your inspiration for opening March?

I wanted a space that could serve as a home base for Shane Griffin Designs and house all of the items I’ve picked up along the way.

2. How are you preparing for the store opening?

We are currently hiring our staff and getting items in daily.

3. What are you most excited about with the new location?

This location is my hub. I spend most of my time in the Bocage area for work and personal life, so it just feels like home to me. I also have friends that are business owners in the Bocage Village Shopping Center, so it’s a fun place to be.

4. Where does the name come from?

The inspiration for the name is twofold. First, March is my favorite month. It holds my birthday, my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Second, most of the items in the shop are old pieces that have been repossessed. I like to think of these items “marching through time” to have a new life in the future.

5. What sets March apart?

March is truly a reflection of my style. It may not be for everyone and that’s OK. I’m hoping to provide unique items to help fill in beautifully designed homes.

6. Can you describe the style that March embodies?

I think the March style is a bit masculine, quirky, timeless and collected.

7. What is a typical day like for you and your team?

A typical day is taking care of all of my projects in the morning, then heading to March to meet up with my assistant Brady Strain to make a plan for the rest of the day.

8. When a customer walks into your store, what can they expect to find?

They can expect to find color, pattern, great music and good vibes.

9. Where do you seek inspiration for your products and styles?

I shop a lot of estate sales and vintage stores. I think I look to the past for inspiration and try to modernize the concepts I find there.

10. What can we expect to see in the future of March?

Well, right now we are a tiny little space. I would hope to further expand in the future.

To learn more about Shane Griffin and his work, check out his Instagram page and Facebook