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“We tried it” roundup: From Topgolf lessons to finding your zen

One of the many exciting things about working as a writer for inRegister is that members of our staff get to try out various activities and classes that pop up all over the city and spread the word to all of you. From acupuncture to unique workouts and gift-wrapping classes and everything in between, chances are we’ve tried it. To share some of our most memorable experiences with you once again, we rounded up three of the most unique activities you should try out soon in Baton Rouge.

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Photo by Reagan Labat.

We tried golf lessons at Topgolf

When Topgolf opened in Baton Rouge last year, it was an instant hit amongst families and friends, young and old. With its unique game-play options and tasty bites, it’s easy to see why it quickly rose to become of Baton Rouge’s top places to play. And although we love going for a casual game with friends, sometimes we could use a pointer or two from the pros. That’s why we decided to try out Topgolf’s private lessons. Although 60 minutes with an instructor might not have been long enough to boost our golf game many points, it was an awesome experience that we definitely look forward to doing again in the future.

Stick it to me: We tried Modern Acupuncture

Before trying out acupuncture for myself, I don’t know if I could have trusted anyone who said they enjoy having needles of any size poking them or touching them. However, during my time at Modern Acupuncture, you could say I had a bit of a conversion. Not only was the overall experience relaxing and enlightening, but the aftereffects were also beneficial to my wellbeing. The journey from initial worry and nervousness to overwhelming bliss definitely deserves to be noted.

We tried guided meditation at Elevate Wellness Studio

Trying to find your zen isn’t always as easy as it sounds when a thousand thoughts are flying through your head all day. Elevate Wellness Studio understands that our minds can often be bogged down and deserve a little R&R every once in a while. The studio’s guided mediation class provides just that, focusing on breathing in the good and forcing out the negative. We tried the class and were able to achieve a level of zen almost unimaginable from only a quick Wellness Wednesday. And I think we can all agree that after the hectic time that is Mardi Gras season, we could all probably use a peaceful guided mediation or two.