Photos courtesy Modern Acupuncture.

Stick it to me: We tried Modern Acupuncture

As someone who was scared of needles for the better part of my life, I really surprised myself when I agreed to try out acupuncture without a friend or my mom there for moral support. In the days leading up to my appointment, I was Googling anything and everything that had to do with acupuncture. You see, I’m the type of person who likes to know exactly what I’m getting into, so of course I wanted to know if it was going to hurt, where the needles were going to go, how big they were, etc. However, no amount of research could really match up to my personal experience at Modern Acupuncture.

Upon pulling up to Modern Acupuncture, which is located in Long Farm Village between Home Bank and Wildwood Pizza, I was still a little nervous about what was to come. But as soon as I walked through the doors, I was quickly greeted by a soothing receptionist and the relaxing smells that came from an essential oil diffuser. Not to mention, the temperature inside felt great in comparison to a cold doctor’s office, which is what I was expecting.

After I was greeted by the receptionist, she sat me down and had me watch a four-minute video about what to expect during my session, as well as some frequently asked questions–if only I had found this video while doing my research prior because it would have saved me a lot of time. After I finished watching the new patient video, the receptionist asked me my preferred flavor of tea so she could have it ready once my session ended. By the way, I went with the low-caf herbal hot tea and I strongly recommend it.

Once I had my tea flavor chosen, it was time to go into the acupuncture room, or the “zen den” as Modern Acupuncture calls it. Upon entering, I was escorted to my personal relaxation station. Inside the room were 12 relaxation areas separated by partitions, each with its own oversized lounge chair equipped with both heating and massaging features, pillows, blankets, a side table and a large flat-screen TV playing drone videos of some of the most beautiful and tranquil places on Earth. As soon as I got to my station, I quickly took off my shoes, sat down and started to take in all of the relaxing elements that surrounded me.

After about five minutes of private relaxation, I was approached by the licensed acupuncturist who would be administering my session. Almost instantly, I felt a pang of nervousness because I was actually about to get stuck by a bunch of needles. However, the acupuncturist’s smooth voice and reassuring words quickly calmed my nerves and reminded me that I was here to relax and de-stress, and that the needles are so small, chances are I wouldn’t even feel them. To my surprise, she was right.

She placed the needles in strategic places to target how I was feeling according to my new-member questionnaire, which indicated I was suffering from a little bit of anxiety. I had needles in my ears, forehead, wrists, calves and feet, and even on the crown of my head. After placing all of the needles, the acupuncturist told me I was going to lie with them in place for 20 to 25 minutes so that I could get the full effects of a proper treatment. So there I was, laying in a massage chair with about 20 needles across my body, a little scared to move but also completely relaxed.

I was so relaxed that after about five minutes of watching the drone footage on the TV, I fell asleep … with needles in my body. If someone would have told 13-year-old me that I would one day feel so relaxed that I would fall asleep with a bunch of needles in me, I would have told you to talk to the hand. Yet there I was, sleeping like a baby, as the acupuncturist said I might be.

Once my treatment was over, the acupuncturist came and woke me up and began removing the needles, which again I didn’t feel. Then she began explaining some of the effects I might experience throughout the day, like a feeling of serenity followed by a boost of energy, plus she expected I would sleep pretty soundly that night. After speaking for a few moments, she escorted me back into the lobby where the receptionist was waiting with my hot tea. I then spoke with the receptionist about the different packages that Modern Acupuncture offered, so that I could keep this good juju flowing regularly in my life.

All in all, my experience at Modern Acupuncture was surprising and amazing. Not only did I enjoy my session and its benefits, but it was also nice to just sit and reflect privately with no outside distractions. Plus, I really did sleep great that night.

For more information, call Modern Acupuncture at 225-351-9776, or book online on its website