Kaylee Hartung holds her own, sharing the screen with Jesse Palmer and Tim Tebow on SEC Nation. Photo by Chet White / ESPN Images.

Three of inRegister’s most talked-about cover stories

As the heart of the magazine, the cover story always has a sort of excitement floating around it. It always features one of the most interesting stories from around town, making the subject matter the hot topic for the entire month. However, some stories touch each of us a little differently and stay with us long after we’ve read them the first time–or second or third. Some of our favorite cover stories are so different, yet have one thing in common: they connect us and truly make the words we read feel alive. Below are a few of the cover stories we loved to read–and to write.

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3. Restoring a landmark: The Kleinpeter House at the Settlement at Willow Grove

When Kleinpeter family descendant Henry Laville married Morgan Boyter, their reception was the first event to be held in the restored home. “It was so exciting to be able to hold their celebration at this place with so much family history,” says Henry’s mother, Laurie Kleinpeter Laville. Photo by Eva Cranford Photography.

At almost 200 years old, the Kleinpeter House stands as a beautiful reminder of Baton Rouge’s rich history and culture. Now restored to its original design, the house is free from modern additions and protected by its listing on the National Register of Historic Places. And although it looks as if the house has been frozen in time, the land around the two-story structure seems to have leapt right into the 21st century.

Upon its construction in 1820, the Kleinpeter House was surrounded by acres of pastures and farmland. Now in 2019, the house serves as the focal point of one of Baton Rouge’s most sought-after neighborhoods, The Settlement at Willow Grove. The property, which is still maintained by members of the Kleinpeter family, doubles as a sentimental place for the family to share old memories while curating new ones with fresh faces.

2. Clean slate: A mommy blogger uses her platform to shed light on addiction and recovery

Hobbs, pictured with her husband Robbie, after their Nightline interviews. Photo via Modern Mommy Madness.

For mommy blogger Harmony Hobbs, the words “honesty” and “insanity” go together like peanut butter and jelly. And it’s obvious through her massive online platform focused around her journey as a sober mother of three, Hobbs doesn’t hold back. Since we featured Hobbs in the July 2017 issue of inRegister, she has risen even further into “mommy blogger stardom.” Along with keeping up with her very popular blog “Modern Mommy Maddness,” Hobbs has been featured in a story written by The Washington Post, been interviewed for ABC’s Nightline, and even made an appearance on Good Morning America. Aside from all of the insanity going on around Hobbs, she continues to remain honest, sharing the trials and triumphs of her journey. Such as the milestone she hit on November 23, when she became 1,000 days sober. Keep on keeping on, Harmony!

1. Taking the field: Kaylee Hartung is getting the scoop for ESPN

Hartung on the set of Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. Photo via Kaylee Hartung.

The world of sports, news and entertainment is fast-moving and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. However, Baton Rouge native Kaylee Hartung is perfectly capable of conquering life in the fast lane. When we first spoke with Hartung in November of 2016, she was just getting her start in the realm of sports broadcasting. Now three years later, she has worked for some of the biggest names in the television game–CBS, CNN, and just recently, ABC. Since starting out as a 30-second sideline reporter, Hartug has become one of the most recognized faces of cable television, covering major events such as the 2018 governor’s race in Georgia, the Parkland shooting, various major hurricanes, and the Malibu and Paradise, California, wildfires. And although Hartung is now living in New York City, she makes it very clear on social media that her free time is often spent cheering on her home team: the LSU Tigers.

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