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Anyone who has ever struggled to lose weight will understand the stress that comes with following the rules, sticking to diets, and exercising day and night—only to watch someone else zoom into shape with half the time and twice the carbs. The truth is, what works for one person’s weight loss might not work for another’s, which is why Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge is introducing its Elite Health and Wellness Program.

The program’s customized weight-loss plans are divided into two 24-week categories: the Platinum program, which includes chemistry panels, medical evaluations, imaging tests, and nutritional counseling sessions, and the Diamond program, which features more evaluations and additional diagnostic services. In the end, each program should be as unique and changeable as the participants themselves.

Dr. Kishore Gadde
Dr. Kishore Gadde

But this new offering, led by PBRC Medical Director of Clinical Services Dr. Kishore Gadde, doesn’t just stop at weight loss. Instead, the program looks far into a participant’s future, helping to implement permanent lifestyle changes. Plans are tailored to participants’ needs and wants, with Pennington’s in-house team of experts using the latest advances in medical research to serve people on an individual level.

“But it’s not a research program,” said Rob Leonhard, program director and administrator of PBRC’s clinic. “It’s a unique chance for us to take what we’ve learned in decades of research and help people right here in our community reach their weight loss and wellness goals.”

To reach these goals, teams use state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate assessments of things like health factors including joint strength, sugar response and bone density—measurements difficult or impossible to keep track of when dieting and exercising alone.

The result may just be the secret solution to fighting the battle toward healthier living—only this time with the help of a medically trained army.

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