The Doyles' home sits in the shade of nearly century-old oak trees. Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

From the September issue: A new cottage with historic charm in Walnut Hills

In the midst of the St. Patrick’s Day hype, you wouldn’t expect to discover the perfect spot for your new home. However, this is exactly what happened to Leslie and Ronnie Doyle in 2017 as they paraded down the streets of Baton Rouge. Instantly, the couple fell in love with the style and charm of Walnut Hills. Just a year later, the couple had turned their parade dream into reality, as their newly built cottage sat in the area that had captured their attention and heart.

Inspired by a tiny cottage she had spotted in the pages of a magazine, Leslie Doyle acted as her own contractor on the construction project, carefully planning and executing every little detail of a home designed to look like it was built around the time this neighborhood was first developed in the early 20th century. The result is a home that is equal parts charm and convenience, historic details and homegrown comfort.

Learn more about the Doyles’ dive into creating a timeless classic in inRegister’s September issue, available on newsstands now.