Photo courtesy Fig & Dove.

Purely ornamental: Local finds to add to your tree tradition

Tree decorating isn’t something to be taken lightly. The tradition not only brings families together but also serves as a sort of time capsule, with ornaments collected from years past uncovering treasured memories from first Christmases to marriages to simple get-togethers. To inspire your growing collection, we rounded up some of our favorite ornaments from local sources. Read on for a full list of our picks:

We can’t resist Taylor’s illustrations, especially when they feature one of our favorite drinks. In addition to Champagne bottles, Taylor also offers a personalization on several styles through her website. Check out her full selection here.

One of our favorite traditions when we were kids was getting to pick out a new ornament at the store each year. We know we would’ve gone straight to this hot pink unicorn. Honestly, we probably would’ve begged for the matching tree, as well, because what’s one without the other.

Cool and classic, these metallic baubles will never go out of style. We’ll be snagging one of each and maybe a few doves for a pop of color.

You can’t go wrong with a tree full of handpainted ornaments by local artists. These beauties by Helen Bolin are sure to turn your tree into an art exhibit.

Pearls have been our theme for the last few months–see our 30th anniversary issue. We’ll be scooping this one up to commemorate our most recent milestone.

While these aren’t the Golden Girls we’re used to talking about in South Louisiana, we’re pretty keen on them, too. We’ll be adding these familiar faces to mix up the more traditional ornaments in our collections.

What’s sweeter than a magnolia bloom? We’ll be gifting these handmade beauties this holiday season.

What ornaments are you adding to your tree this year? Show us your trees by tagging @inRegister on Instagram.