Photos courtesy Rizzoli USA

Off the page: ‘Decorate Happy’

We’ve all seen a lot more of our homes’ interiors lately, thanks to the shelter-in-place order that went into effect more than a month ago. And if you are a bit bored with what you are seeing, join the club. Now more than ever, we crave a change of scenery—even if that scenery is limited to the interior walls of our own home. Enter celebrated interior designer Anthony Baratta’s new book Decorate Happy: Bold, Colorful Interiors. Published in March by Rizzoli, the timing could not have been better on a book about home décor and happy vibes.

“People’s lives are like colorful quilts—all of the crazy pieces eventually come together to form one amazing, beautiful whole,” writes Baratta. “No one’s life story is a simple beige blanket.”

And beige is certainly not a hue that Baratta embraces in his classic high-color, high-pattern all-American style. Some houses in the book nod to the historical importance of centuries past, like an 18th-century house in Colonial Williamsburg, and some are nautical chic. Some are glorious pop art with mod rooms and bright primary colors, while others are rustically urbane. The featured houses are each unique, yet their rooms share one consistent underpinning: joy. And couldn’t we all use a bit more joy right about now?

“To decorate happy, let your home be an extension of yourself,” writes Baratta. “And look for things that bring you joy.”