Photos by Jordan Hefler

From the November issue: Samara Thomas’ green thumb takes up a green pen

An enchanting combination of Christian faith and a childhood spent exploring the mystical woods of Sussex sprouted artist Samara Thomas’ lifelong engagement with nature.

“I think my work and love of plants is definitely influenced by my early years of being surrounded by nature when I was growing up in England,” she says. “I’m a Christian so my faith really influences the joy that I find, the beautiful intricacy of what God has created.”

This passion is evident in Thomas’ work, a series of pen-and-green-India-ink botanical illustrations. Drawing inspiration from bits of greenery in the world around her, she creates every piece to be different. Her love of all things green and living extends to an affinity for real-life foliage, even in her one-bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge where she houses various potted plants, terrariums, an assortment of cacti, and even fruit trees.

Thomas’s work can be found around Baton Rouge, featured on display at Brew-Ha-Ha and at the Mid City Makers Market. She is also involved in art markets around the state and in Mississippi. Online, Thomas’s work can be found on her website or Facebook page.

To read more about Thomas’ journey as an artist and what she is doing now, check out this story from inRegister’s November issue, on stands now.