Photos courtesy Rizzoli USA

Newly released home books for your quarantine-induced redesign

Cabin fever has us endlessly scrolling furniture and décor sites looking for ways to bring a refresh to the walls we have seen all too much of over the last two months. New throw pillows? Add to cart. Outdoor couch? It’s a must-have. Wallpaper in the bathroom? Why had we never considered this before?

However, everyone knows interior design relies heavily on the inspiration we see online and in print. Through the lenses of talented photographers, we are welcomed into homes around the world, allowing us to bring a little more sophistication and interest with every new source that we take the time to absorb. Rizzoli has several new titles perfect for curling up with on the couch that you might soon replace. Plus, the stunning covers make for an easy refresh to your coffee table or dresser. Read on for some of our picks:

Decorate Happy: Bold, Colorful Interiors

By Anthony Baratta

Featured in our May 2020 issue, this bright book offers the motivation needed to step outside of your comfort zone. After all, you’re so much better than beige. Read Ashley Gordon’s full review here.


Living in Paradise: At Home in the Tropics 

Written by Annie Kelly, Photographed by Tim Street-Porter

No vacation? No problem. This book takes readers on a scenic trip to homes in Bali, Java and Thailand, showcasing bohemian design and the value of bringing the outdoors in. As you flip through pages of bamboo furniture, canopied beds and infinity pools, we suggest sipping on a piña colada to bring the mood full circle.

The Perfect Kitchen

By Barbara Sallick

We’ve been watching a lot of Martha Stewart’s Instagram cooking videos and the kitchen jealousy is real. And while we don’t think we need anything quite as industrial as what she’s working with, we think our homes could stand a little something extra. This book, written by the cofounder of high-end kitchen and bathroom brand Waterworks, explores the functionality that underlies stunning kitchens through tips and interviews with both designers and professional chefs.

Wine Country Living: Vineyards and Homes of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest

By Linda Leigh Paul

Call us crazy, but here’s another book that has us yearning for our next vacation–whenever that might be. Wine has become even more a part of our lives during this quarantine, and now we’ve fallen madly in love with the homes of the famous winemaking region. Pairing modern design with rustic living, the architecture and design celebrated in this book are not just beautiful, but worthy of adaptation right here in Baton Rouge.

Mad About the House: 101 Interior Design Answers

By Kate Watson-Smyth

There’s nothing we appreciate more than straightforward answers to our burning questions. Acting as a dictionary, this resource focuses on hard-to-answer interiors questions, room by room. No need to read it all at once, but this book is ideal for having on hand.

At Home in the English Countryside: Designers and Their Dogs

Written by Susanna Salk, Photographed by Stacey Bewkes

Last one, we promise. We just couldn’t resist shades of blue with the added bonus of furry friends. This book gives a glimpse into the homes of English designers and celebrities, all of whom have found a way to marry the casual with the sophisticated. We think there are a surprising number of parallels between life in the Capital City and the English countryside.

Which book are you partial to? Let us know in the comments below.