Photo courtesy The Nuff Book.

From the May issue: ‘The Nuff’ serves as a mother’s legacy of empowerment

Will Waldrop is spreading the encouraging message that his wife Veronica left behind for their two daughters before passing away from breast cancer in 2017. What was originally a poem Veronica wrote is now The Nuff, an inspirational children’s book about a unicorn with a broken horn that learns she is perfect just the way she is, no matter what the world has to say about it.

“You’re beautiful and wonderfully made just the way God created you,” Will says. “That was the message she wanted to leave for them.”

Today, the book serves as Veronica’s living legacy, impacting the lives of not just her daughters, but children around the country and the world. Read the full story of The Nuff in our May issue, or by clicking here. And purchase the book by clicking here.