Photo by Collin Richie

From the July issue: Chenoa Farrell is the “Feel Good Mama” of healthy eating

Chenoa Farrell knows firsthand the pitfalls of a poor diet. As a single mother then living and working in Houston, she watched her health suffer at the hands of a high-fat, low-fiber diet sustained by too much fast food, and after making a change, she became a certified health coach. Now she helps Baton Rouge residents make their own healthy meal choices by strolling with them through the farmers market, helping them avoid processed food at the grocery store, and planning meals ahead of time to avoid unnecessary calories.

Farrell also teaches cooking and meal-planning classes at Whole Foods Market and Red Stick Spice Company to represent her own company, Feel Good Mama.

To see some of Farrell’s recipes and learn more about her business, check out our article from the July issue, available on newsstands now.