Brandy Klingman. Photo by Collin Richie.

From the July issue: Local experts explore the social causes of alcoholism in mothers

As seen in inRegister’July cover story, the symptoms of alcoholism in women and mothers don’t always exhibit themselves in the brass, theatrical or even humorous ways we’re used to seeing the disease portrayed in books or on television—which means that it can be a lot harder to spot in real life.

According to Wes Pope, CEO and co-founder of The Grove Recover Center of Baton Rouge, the number of mothers being treated for alcoholism has increased over the years in part because of the way drinking is accepted in cultural depictions—and even expectations—of the ubiquitous “wine mom.” Likewise, Brandy Klingman, owner of Legacy Behavioral Health and COO at St. Christopher’s Addiction and Wellness Center, says that alcoholism in women generally manifests in more internal ways than in men, which means that those seeking help might benefit most from time with a therapist—even perhaps more than a typical 12-step program.

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