Photo courtesy MetroMorphosis.

From the ‘inRegister’ archives: MetroMorphosis transforms from within

“I think it’s absolutely critical that we recognize how much our futures are inextricably bound to one another,” MetroMorphosis founder Rev. Raymond Jetson commented in an inRegister feature about his nonprofit organization, which puts engaged citizens at the center of the mission to lift up urban communities, in 2016. The words still ring true despite the years and the situations that have come to shape and change our outlook in the past months. Whether it be socially distancing or standing up for the rights of our neighbors, the path to success depends on our ability to work together for a better tomorrow.

In the past four years, MetroMorphosis has continued to push forward with the goal of getting others involved in this creation. Through programs focused on everything from education to leadership to business, the organization continues to expand by catering to the needs of the community that makes it up. The primary goal has remained the same, however: to provide resources and support to those who need it and deserve it.

Today, June 3, from 3 to 4 p.m., the group is hosting a webinar addressing the topic of mental health in light of the events of the past week. The hour-long lecture is just one way MetroMorphosis is working to foster healthy and transformative discussions, especially during a time of uncertainty and division.

“We need to utilize our resources to make sure that the community, at its core, is what we would want for our own families,” says Jetson.

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