Photo courtesy A.J. Andrews.

From ‘The Network’: Pro softball player A.J. Andrews wants a grand slam for equality

Back in April 2018, yours truly—from a still-snow-dusted Midwestern apartment—profiled for inRegister the unprecedented accomplishments of pro softball player A.J. Andrews, who in 2016 became first female winner of the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, initiating the prize’s bequeathal to a new softball player every year since. The prize has a direct equivalent in the male-dominated sport of baseball going back to 1957, with a televised award ceremony and tons of clout bestowed on the winners. Women in softball, however, have yet to see their accomplishments receive the same national attention.

Now, four years after her groundbreaking victory, the LSU alum continues to speak out against sexism in the sports industry. From striving for excellence as an outfielder for the Akron Racers and protecting her post-career future with smart investments to sitting on panels before young women all over the country, Andrews proves that an equitable future for female athletes may not be a home run just yet—but the ball is still in play.

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