Photo by Lauren Boone.

From the February issue: LSU theater alums transform the Los Angeles stage

Shining a spotlight on third-culture generations both on and off the stage is the common goal for Sofia Hurtado, Weston Twardowski and their associates Katrina Kirkpatrick and Lauren Boone.

Both Hurtado and Twardowski sought theater degrees at LSU to continue their passion for the arts, and decided to create their own theater company together after graduation. With their drive, education and external support, the two thespians established the Third Culture Theatre Company in Los Angeles, which seeks to redefine the term “third culture” to describe the artistic philosophy the founders share.

The company focuses on “choosing plays that are the pulse of our community and that are speaking to issues we are facing now to help the audience reflect on it,” Hurtado says. Twardoski says the company seeks scripts that break boundaries and provide true-to-life parts for actors of color and minority actors. Some of their plays have featured transitional youth in America, gentrification, and men in power to coincide with the Time’s Up and #MeToo Movements.

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