Photos by Mark Bienvenu.

From the August issue: Beauregard Town homeowner’s fun with flora

Tara Titone, vice president of the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority, spends her days analyzing and transforming properties around Baton Rouge while being sure to maintain their original character. A day at home is not much different. Most yards are covered in grass and have a few flowers here and there. However, Titone’s Beauregard Town home is quite the opposite. Her passion for planting coupled with her landscape design degree from LSU explains why much of her free time is spent filling her entire yard with foliage.

“I tried to create a low-maintenance, old-world landscape,” says Titone. “Because as much as I love gardening, I can’t spend every moment in the yard. I have a life. But my garden is my peace and my creative outlet for sure.”

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